Apply for Financing

Everyone needs a fresh start these days. Economic times have changed, and if you are a casualty of the recession, we can help. We know bad things happen to good people and we are sensitive to that fact.

Mike Hovart Chevrolet never plans to say “no” to a consumer who is looking for financing. We know that many dealers say they can get anyone financed, but this is simply not true. Plain and simple, we are in business of getting loans that customers need and can afford.

We are the exception compared to most other dealerships as we will work hard for each of our customers, plus we can and will get most customers financed.


  • Mike Hovart Chevrolet has huge lending power with all banks because of the pure volume of cars we sell and get financed.
  • Mike Hovart Chevrolet has excellent influence with Chevy Credit Financing, as they make exceptions because of who we are and our buying power.

It all makes sense. We CAN get you financed when others can’t. Come see us, or contact us by email or phone!